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Did you know that in the Bible, there are over 300 references to essential oils?

Essential oils were used to inaugurate kings and queens When you read in the Bible “anoint your head with oil,” it was referring to essential oils

Frankincense and myrrh essential oils were brought as gifts to baby Jesus.

In fact, frankincense and myrrh were worth as much as gold was during those days. And the reason is they were the most effective forms of plant-based medicine

Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine is famous for saying, “Let food be thy medicine.” He prescribed essential oils for healing over 2,000 years ago.

Essential oils used so widely throughout history Bible as medicine because your body knows how to work with plants and essential oil compounds. Because the compounds are so small they can actually pass into the cell wall, which allows them to help destroy viruses, pathogenic bacteria, parasites and other diseases that get into your body. This is one reason why essential oils are so effective!


We use only pure therapeutic grade oils work because they contain high amounts of potent compounds.

A 15 milliliter bottle (which is about the size of your thumb) of lavender essential oil takes about 150 pounds of lavender flowers.

Think about holding up a 150-pound plate in order to produce an oil weighing less than a pound.

That’s how many flowers or plants it takes to produce one single bottle of essential oil.


Essential oils are used everyday as natural remedy to support your health in thousands of ways, but they can also be used for everyday items.

Essential oils can be used for beauty, reducing aging marks (like sun spots or stretch marks on the skin), boosting metabolism, and everyday things like cleaning your house, killing mold, and to aid digestion.

Simply put–essential oils are gentle on the body and they’re the most effective form of plant based remedies!

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