We all have a wealth of common sense and intuitive knowledge about our bodies. With access to solid information, proper educational support and a willingness to grow as a human being, we can invariably make good health choices and take action to bring about positive change in our lives.”

8 R’s Restoration Health & Wellness Coaching Program 

Restoration Step 1
The Power of Food As A Foundation

We will kick it off your program with a customized detoxification plan for 21 days to accelerate weight loss, detox, cleanse, purify and bring into balance and alignment all bodily systems for a renewed sense of health and vitality. We will address areas of concerns that we need to target for healing with specific foods that will heal your body. I will also implement and customize a lifestyle food plan to eat everyday including protein, fats, carbohydrates, vegetables, greens, fruits, grains, hot and cold beverages. How to choose healthier, eat healthier, and cook healthier. Understanding and Why Organic? How to Cook with Healthy Oils, 10 Ways to Improved your Digestion, 12 tips to help stay focused during the transition, 15 ways to eat healthier on a budget.

Restoration Step 2 & 3
The Power of Supplements & Certified Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils 

Implementing Natural Organic Supplements and specific Certified Grade Therapeutic essential oils and what they do and how they work in your body.  With food they will accelerate the Healing Process in your body. Supplements and essential oils will also increase your frequencies for greater stamina, energy and clarity. They will make up for nutrient deficiencies that your body needs to stay healthy.  

Restoration Step 4 & 5
The Power of Soul Success/Emotional Healing  and Mental Health 

I will prepare you for your healing as I teach you first how your soul works in connection with wholeness and success in every area of your life. Then we will begin a journey towards rebuilding emotional wholeness from the past, healing your mind and emotions where there has been pain and hurt through your life’s journey. 

Healing from Memories, Imagination, Negative emotions, Positive emotions, Childhood triggers, Identify False Belief Systems (Lies) to release and embrace positive (truths)  to receive to establish healthy thought processes.  

Restoration Step 6
The Power of Exercise 

I will be setting up an exercise plan specifically that you can attain to go to the next level in your health and body.  It will include Stretching, Cardio/Aerobics, and Strength Training. I will be sharing the benefits of exercise in these areas for overall brain, bone, circulation, heart health, weight loss, and reducing stress. A visit to the gym as my guest to put it into live practice. 

Restoration Step 7
The Power of Vision/Goals 

I will teach you on the Power of Vision and how to write your vision and make it plain and run with it. You will write on a vision board at one of our coaching sessions to discover your vision, goals, and dreams. We will set great goals for your health, mind, body and discover your purpose in the process. 

Restoration Step 8
The Power of Healing Declaration 

I will be teaching you on the power of your words and what happens when you speak life to your body and to your circumstances. Declarations are decrees that will create what you don’t see but will come to pass as you continue to believe and develop your faith which will bring manifestation.  I will give you decrees you can start speaking over your body and different body parts to bring them back to life.