Jill is a Certified Nutrition Consultant, Health and Wellness Coach, Motivational Speaker and Licensed Minister. Jill is a member of the American Association of Nutrition Consultants. Jill is a health and healing Advocate, leader and trainer for Doterra therapeutic grade essential oils. 

Jill Janiec is a builder, she will be your cheerleader and personal freedom fighter to help you reach your full potential in life, spirit, soul and body. She is inspired by God and Heaven’s culture to bring restoration and reformation to individual lives, leaders, churches, and communities. Her youthful vitality, energy and joy is contagious wherever she goes. 

Jill brings wisdom and divine strategies for you to walk in excellent health in your body, mind and emotions. Overcoming many health issues herself like Lupus, Fibromyalgia, and Cancer, Jill is the perfect health coach to take you on a journey towards greater health and freedom. 

“My desire is to see each person experience life in its fullness and walk in total freedom to fulfill their God given destiny.  My vision is to bring health, hope and healing to the whole person, not just treating the symptoms but getting to the root causes of illnesses, body, mind and spirit.  I want to sound the alarm to awaken many people that are now ready to see and hear how they can make the necessary changes in their life to be restored to optimal health, energy and vitality.”

I have a desire to encourage people to develop and release their faith to believe that they can walk through the healing door that our Father, God and his garden has already provided if they will pursue it with a relentless passion.  The goal is to help people to understand and recognize the healing power of nature, find and eliminate the cause of poor health, how to prevent disease and the healing power that is available through prayer and meditation with their Father, God.  Although the vision and purpose that has been given to me is a big one, the greatest title she hold and embrace in my life is the one of being a wife and a mother. Jill is happily married to her husband, Joseph Janiec who is my soul mate, companion and friend for 31 years.

“Joseph has been the wind beneath my wings. His support, his love for his family, his patience, his faithfulness, has kept us as a family strong during many of life’s storms. Joseph is a man of his word and believes that God is the source of his strength.”

Jill also has 4 wonderful children Jessica, Jaime, Jennifer and Joey who have truly showed her what it means to live, laugh and love. Through many of life’s difficult challenges my kids have taught me life’s greatest lessons. Keeping childlike faith, unconditional love, and finding freedom in forgiveness are the greatest rewards that life can bring. I know, I am the wife, mother and friend, I am today because of my family, friends and God’s grace working everyday in my life.

Inspirations and Encouragement

I am no different than anyone else you may know that is in the Health and Wellness Field.  All of us have personal stories to tell about our trials, pain, heartaches and physically sufferings we’ve had to endure for our callings. We have had to overcome insurmountable odds and times of great testings. Through faith in God, prayers of friends and family we have been able to stand during these difficult challenges with great courage, perseverance and  patience.  We now have overcome and are standing victorious on the other side liberated in mind, body and spirit.

Many of us have passed the tests and still others are crossing over to become champions of the healing movement that we see going on in the world today. With the wisdom and knowledge that we have been given we now have the great responsibility and assignment to bring this same message of health, hope and healing to others that are hurting. It is the healing torch we carry now burning with God’s Love that says, “Don’t give up”! Your New Beginnings is on the way! Hold on and stay strong! What God has done for  so many others, he will do for you! You will live the dream that is in your heart! This is sharing the message of hope that “Through God all things are possible.”  As we have so freely been given these treasures of truth we can freely give them to others that are now walking in the same path where we once have been. We must have compassionate deliverers in the world today that are willing to sacrifice their lives to help carry those that are sick, broken, beaten down and discouraged. We must cheer them on to the finish line of victory where they can become champions of faith and bring their message to this hurting world.

At this time, I want to give you an opportunity to get to know me a little bit better and to share with you my journey of going through the darkness of the night to the breaking of a new day, going through the valley of physical, emotional, and spiritual bondages to the mountains of faith, healing, love, peace and joy that has changed my life to be the person that I have become today.